Lost in Execution: Nexilis Weave One and Nexilis Weave Two

May 2017 and two pieces from the `Lost in Execution’ series were selected to be part of `A Splash of Colour’, a contemporary watercolour exhibition at Murmurations Gallery, Bexhill.

Nexilis Weave One and Nexilis Weave Two
Media: Watercolour with digital media
Size: 25 x 33 in

Nexilis is a cyclical exploration of the balance between pattern and chaos. I explore an idea circling around its centre in a series of tangents both approaching and withdrawing. The tangents interweave locking into each other. Earlier explorations creating warp and weft for the future.


Obliterated Crow: Limited Edition Prints

Obliterated Crow at Murmurations Gallery is finished and I would like to thank everyone who visited the exhibition, here are just a few of the comments made:

`Certainly different. Fascinating.’

`Interesting. I like the use of colour and movement.’

`A fabulous show and wonderful to hear about the process behind the work. The show flows beautifully.’

`Unique. It opened my eyes to the beauty of crows.’

Limited Edition prints of the crow images exhibited in the gallery are available for purchase by either contacting Murmurations Gallery, (email info@murmurationsgallery.co.uk  telephone 01424 272554) or by emailing me directly (cliff@cliffface.co.uk).  The online gallery is now open showing the full title of each crow.

  • A print sold as a Limited Edition won’t subsequently be re-released.
  • All prints are printed, checked, numbered, dated, and signed by me personally.
  • Editions will be no greater than 10 prints and once these are sold, it’s sold out.

A further print series developed from Obliterated Crow, entitled `Alernative Flow’ is  available to view and purchase in Murmurations Gallery, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill, along with a selection of cards from the exhibition.

Obliterated Crow

Obliterated Crow is my first solo exhibition at Murmurations Gallery, Bexhill,  from Tuesday 17th May until Sunday 29th May 2016.  The gallery is open from 10.30am to 4.30 pm (closed Mondays). Further details below…

Gallery View of Exhibition

Having both a degree in Fine Art and a Masters in IT, I experience the tension and synchronicity of these divergent disciplines. Using physical and digital media in isolation, in combination and iteratively, I produce sets and series of images to explore real and perceptual change.

We are physically and conceptually defined by the tools we use and understand. We anchor ourselves to the spotlights of our competencies, nodes in networks of change surrounded by shadow. I represent perceptual change by exploiting different tools; applying physical and digital media creates many perspectives but simultaneously hints at a singularity.

A piece of work hides as much as it reveals. Obliteration is inherent to the act of recording; this is true of both art and IT. Obliterated Crow presents a series of visual conversations between a crow, the air and the media used. My conversation began with the crow on Galley Hill. She tilted her head and made eye contact; I drew her. “Think that’s interesting?” she asked, as she skipped into the air and played with the wind.

On Saturday 21st May and Saturday 28th May there is a `Technical Walk Through‘ where I will discuss the processes used to combine the physical and digital media to produce the Obliterated Crow series.

On Sunday 22nd May and Sunday 29th May there is a `Concept Walk Through‘ where I discuss the ideas that drive my practice and those specifically related to the Obliterated Crow series.