Obliterated Crow: Limited Edition Prints

Obliterated Crow at Murmurations Gallery is finished and I would like to thank everyone who visited the exhibition, here are just a few of the comments made:

`Certainly different. Fascinating.’

`Interesting. I like the use of colour and movement.’

`A fabulous show and wonderful to hear about the process behind the work. The show flows beautifully.’

`Unique. It opened my eyes to the beauty of crows.’

Limited Edition prints of the crow images exhibited in the gallery are available for purchase by either contacting Murmurations Gallery, (email info@murmurationsgallery.co.uk  telephone 01424 272554) or by emailing me directly (cliff@cliffface.co.uk).  The online gallery is now open showing the full title of each crow.

  • A print sold as a Limited Edition won’t subsequently be re-released.
  • All prints are printed, checked, numbered, dated, and signed by me personally.
  • Editions will be no greater than 10 prints and once these are sold, it’s sold out.

A further print series developed from Obliterated Crow, entitled `Alernative Flow’ is  available to view and purchase in Murmurations Gallery, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill, along with a selection of cards from the exhibition.

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