Lost in Execution: The Pond

A muddy pond in the woodland. It is one of a number of ponds that are maintained to encourage wildlife.  However, this particular pond has become a bathing pool for dogs.  The damage incurred by this encourages only mud, not the desired biodiversity of plant and pond life.

My idea is to enclose part of the pond and this will reduce the disturbance of the water. This will prevent easy access to the water by dogs and so encourage plant growth.  The plant life will then attract insect life and perhaps amphibians and birds.  Any structure must allow the pond and any emerging plant life to be seen by visitors to the wood.

The Pond (1)

My first idea.  This uses stake fencing cut to create shapes and curves.  I will use coppiced Sweet Chestnut which is produced as part of the management of this ancient coppiced woodland. It will surround part of the pond and show it is more than just a barrier, a fence. The structure would be around and over part of the pond.  This would encourage and protect wildlife and plant growth on the edges of the pond.  It will make an unexpected line on the landscape. 

Perhaps visitors will pause and look more closely at the pond and consider the need to protect the area from the family pet.   The muddy mess will be protected, plants can establish roots near the stakes and while the plant life takes hold, the sculptural nature of the barrier will be a point of interest in the woodland.

It will be functional within the environment but also question the viewer about the other lines we impose upon the natural woodland.

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