Lost in Execution: Rail Tracks

Rail Tracks started with an exploration using Biro and simple paper and card stencils. The work was responsive, rapid, gestural mark making; while at some level considering things that leave tracks.

Interactions create patterns of interference, transferring material between the ideas and objects.

I spent my early years in a village that was split in two by the ghost of a railway, killed by the `Beeching Axe’. I remember the iron rails tracking through the village and across the tarmac road.

A thick, charcoal-black line littered with wood chocks marked the scar left when the iron tracks were removed. I never heard the sharp sound of iron wheels on iron track in the village yet this is the soundtrack of my childhood memories.

Using Lego train wheels and an ink pad, I track parallel lines across paper. Using paper stencils I interfere with these tracks; they pass over stencil leaving no mark on the paper.

Passing sharp plastic wheels over soft paper I hear the sound of iron wheels on iron tracks. Such is the nature of play and the transfer of one idea to another.

The digital transformation of these marks into circles and spirals felt right. I go round in circles, in spirals, examining and re-examining an idea, but also I see the iron wheels of the trains following tracks from my childhood across the world I explore.

You can now view and buy work from Lost in Execution by Cliff Crawford on
Saatchi Art saatchiart.com/cliffcrawford

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