Lost in Execution: Parallel Tracks

Tracks that move in parallel across a plane demand our attention. They jump at us from the page or screen. When used as hatching our perception shifts and parallel lines become planes of shade and tone. I find such apparent contradiction interesting.

Hatched and cross-hatched parallel lines form layers, form tone, create depth and conceal what lies beneath.

As this collaborative work progresses, plans change and the initial, relative simplicity of an idea meets the complexity of physical and digital realities – it has to adapt.

This is positive compromise opening a creative space to explore the complexity of interaction.

Two realities
Interference lines reveal
Patterns lost between

The function of the colour change is to broaden the association of a track from the physical, to a metaphor for change resulting from any interaction.


Whether physical or perceptual, change is a constant. Focus on an underlying pattern can isolate it or bring it to front (perceptual change) the following three images present that shift by a physical manipulation.

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