Lost in Execution: Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees is a short-term, time restricted artwork.

Within the woodland, there is a coppiced tree where two new tree trunks have grown close together.  A branch links them and it looks like they are holding each other.  The trees are embracing and dancing together.

Dancing Trees Sketchbook


Digital Tree


By collecting and using the woodland debris from around the tree, I create a `drawn shadow’.  This emphasises the illusion of the dancing partners twirling in the woodland.

This artwork and the shadow illusion will only last a short time.  Its continued existence will depend on the weather, the wind strength and any human and animal traffic through the area.

We have a tendency to anthropomorphise objects and impose upon them human features and feelings. We seek a connection and I want to use this artwork to emphasise this connection. The fleeting nature of this work is part of the statement about how fragile the natural environment can be and the nature of our imaginative flights of fancy.

The fleeting nature of this work is part of our imaginative flights of fancy.

The nature of visualisation is constantly changing.

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