Lost in Execution: Binary Centre – Process

Process is the art.

This is part of the Lost in Execution project, which continues to explore the nature of plans, process and observation.

This new series of work is essentially an exploration of the process of moving from physical media, in this case from watercolour on paper strips, to digital media.

I begin by using watercolour to paint on and over the edge of an A3 piece of paper. In this way I create two lines – one is on the A3 paper and a second is on a larger sheet that lies beneath. Once the paint is dry, I tear off the narrow strip of paper which is covered in paint at the edge of the A3 sheet. I now have a strip of paper and a line on the larger sheet that is the same colour.  I choose a different colour and repeat the process, so creating a range of coloured lines and torn, strips of coloured paper. I start to explore the shapes and colour combinations.

Often, the process is the art…




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