Lost in Execution: Tangential

Tangential begins with the idea of a tangent and its relationship to a circle. This leads to thoughts of balance and chaos; `going off on a tangent’. I let my ideas explore a tangent’s relationship to a circle – a point of focus – while moving towards or away from the circle. Multiple tangents cluster around and create alternative definitions of the idea held at the centre; its relationship continues.

Tangential: 2cSpiralDev02a

Tangential: 2cSpiralDev02bdetail













Where is the balance between pattern and chaos? In the images above elements of the pattern are created by a series of tangents on a curve. I am interested in the idea of reflection and this is present in both the way I think and the way I work. I have a cyclical approach. I often focus on something and then leave it, returning later, expand upon it, and then move on, a process that may continue indefinitely. In this series of images, te blend of chaos and pattern attempts to identify and describe this search for balance.

Tangential 2cSpiralDev02c

Tangential 2cSpiralDev02cdetail

The tangents on a curve relate to a central idea. The detail maintains the sense of chaos and pattern in balance despite revealing some elements of the overlying pattern. I moved away from the photographic quality of the strips by using filters to de-emphasise the watercolour.

Desaturation moves away from the original wide colour palette of the watercolour strips while applying a similar filter style. Each of these images is tangents in their relationship to the original image.



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