Lost in Execution: Simple Beginnings

Simple beginnings, like conversations with friends, process towards the profound.

In looking for an idea for a collaborative piece we sought an idea that would have the means of representing the process of production. It would have linear characteristics that we could respond to and be a conversation that we would add to visually. It was an agreement to initiate and maintain a series of visual conversations over an extended period.

Sharing an interest in perception over time, an interest in historical context and perhaps influenced by a recent visit to the V&A, we used as our starting point a sketch plan of the Philippine Monastery adjoining the Chiesa Nuova, Rome (by Borromini made ca 1637-50)

Architectural drawing - Sketch plan of the Philippine Monastery adjoining the Chiesa Nuova, Rome

Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum, London

After downloading the file from the V&A website, I worked digitally to enhance and strengthen the linear quality and so emphasise the drawn elements of the sketch. Responding to line and shape, experimenting with abstraction within the drawing, I moved from functional representation to responsive abstraction.

I looked for elements that would move the image towards the physical qualities associated with the original sketch plan and the object the plan represents – a religious stone building of historical interest. The most significant monastic historical building locally is Battle Abbey.

Using a direct process, an impression from the abbey wall was used to create a physical print. Photographing the physical prints of the wall to digitally incorporate elements of the texture of the wall into variants of the earlier images. I experiment with the interactions of the different layers created.

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