Lost in Execution: Branching Paths

Paths of Salt

My exploration of the divergent paths involved the production of a video which traces the creation and removal of paths of salt. The base was a dry point Intaglio print produced using other elements created during the exploration of process.


The flow of table salt forms opaque white lines that follow and then intersect elements of the base image. These lines form patterns and cross-hatching until they obscure the image while presenting echoes of the structure.

The video progresses with the salt being intersected with lines; first using rubber-tipped shaper that create furrows in the patterns in the salt. Brushes are then used to remove salt and reveal more of the underlying image: sometimes clearing narrow tracts to the image below and other times to leave thin, translucent layers of salt through which tints of the image are glimpsed.

The rhythmic movement of covering and then revealing the image moves towards the hypnotic and suggests parallels with the methodical revelations of archaeological digs.


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