Lost In Execution: Binary Centre 02

Binary Centre explores shifts in perception. I transfer the physical media of watercolour strips to digital media and manipulate it to produce the illusion of circles and spirals with more than one centre.

These are the base images that I overlay and manipulate to explore digitally the theme of Binary Centre.

Binary Centre - Base Image01Binary Centre - Base Image02Binary Centre - Base Image03









Base Image01 The original digital image shows the strips of colour overlapped around a central point which somewhere in the timeline moves to create two distinct centres – partial illusion of ellipses.

Base Image02 The strips are interwoven digitally but echo the original image.

Base Image03 A version of the double curve that was initially produced on paper but showing a digital weave. Proportionally correct to the original paper strips and while digitally manipulated, taking into account and understanding of the limitations of physical manipulation.

Binary Centre - Pattern Hints in Chaos Swathes

Binary Centre – Pattern Hints in Chaos Swathes


Pattern Hints in Chaos Swathes

I digitally overlay and rotate the pattern by hand and eye, seeking symmetry while avoiding perfection. I look to project concepts of symmetry interrupted by elements of chaos. The underlying structure offers a sense of balance between chaos and pattern, but with neither dominant. I also adjust the colour using saturation, colour shifts and tints.

I use the strengths of the computer as a tool to explore different elements of the image, but I use it in a `hand-made’ way, seeking a balance between the physical and the digital.







Binary Centre - Life's Golden Section

Life’s Golden Section

This is a close up from the previous image. As you move to the centre you see the full colour of the original image with no saturation. You can see that the circle is not smooth; you see the structure and rotation of the elements of the image and you can sense the conflict between balance and chaos. There is a lack of the precision that is usually associated with computers; you see the hand-made element and approaches within a digital environment which feel inherently paradoxical.

Binary Centre - Built By Hand Holding Numbers

Built by Hand Holding Numbers


Built by Hand, Holding Numbers

I like the chaotic movement of the previous image but here I look again at the underlying structure.  

I weave together the initial patterns then use a combination of horizontal translation and scaling so that the image gives a sense of movement and recession.

This is done manually to avoid that perfection of the number so easy to slip into with computers.








Binary Centre - Reason's Edge Revealed

Reason’s Edge Revealed


Reason’s Edge Revealed


In this detail from the previous image, you see that the left and right-hand side of the image have similarities but not perfect symmetry. You can see differences in the way the images are woven and the manner in which it recedes. The same elements are there but it is not mathematically precise: it is digital but hand-made.









Binary Centre - Laid By Man and Nature's Whim

Laid by Man and Nature’s Whim


Laid by Man and Nature’s Whim


A busy image. Two overlapping figures of eight (like Venn Diagrams) with a circular centre that suggests symmetry. The illusion of symmetry grows with distance but breaks down on close observation.










Binary Centre - Broken Line Forests

Broken Line Forests


Broken Line Forests

 I like taking sections from the larger images where you can see the physical qualities of the watercolour strips.  They remind me of driftwood locked together on the seashore.  This image opens lots of associations for me – the circle I associate with the sun and church `rose windows’.


Binary Centre - Eye Seeks Out Reason

Eye Seeks Out Reason


Eye Seeks Out Reason


Chaos, pattern and symmetry enclosed in a regular circle to provide a sense of restraint and balance. At this stage, I look to reinstate the balance, emphasise the rotation of the piece, and the circular quality of the gap in the middle built of irregular straight lines. The scale changes our perception of the image.

I have reinstated the symmetry but ask why is it symmetrical?




Created by hand
Objects become metaphors
Links are forged by thought

Lost in Execution started with a drawn plan. Plans are a definition of a process; a structure that you work through. If working with a plan or a defined process what you end up with is often more complex and, in unpredictable ways, may be different from the original ideas. It is this translation, the movement between what is planned and what is finally achieved that I find interesting.

Each medium whether physical or digital imposes its own structure and pushes the work in its own direction, You are constantly either going with the flow or fighting to push it elsewhere.  It would be easier and faster to use the digital facilities available to rotate, duplicate and shift the elements of the picture but there is a balance to be achieved between the digital and the physical and I want the hand and mind of the artist to be central in my work.

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