Intervention: Exploring Light in Digital 3D

I extended my exploration of Blender to translate into 3D elements a post from Groyne 55. I used the top and side of a single post to create a simple, abstract, 3D model. This was not an attempt at accurate physical observation but an abstraction to project a sense of its three-dimensionality. To accentuate this aspect of abstraction the textures are were wrapped around a disc, a lozenge shape, and placed on the top of the post. I now had a simple 3D object.

Using Blender I lit the 3D object to create a `spectral’ lighting effect, reminiscent of moisture or dust in the atmosphere. I extended the effect to the area surrounding the object.

I used this model to generate some high-resolution 2D images; “photographing” the digital 3D environment.

These images were used as the foundation for some mezzo-tint mono-prints. I then photographed the prints and recombined them digitally with elements of the 3D render.


This cyclical iteration between physical and digital media, between representation and abstraction has at its core a single question; what is real?

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