If We Were Houses

Distortion, Transparency and Reflection

While sitting inside a glass house, with the lights turned on against the darkness outside, all you see in the glass are reflections of yourself and the objects that surround you. This bright, brittle presentation of yourself, to yourself, creates an illusionary sense of privacy.

Viewed from the outside, from the apparent anonymity of the dark, the occupier’s privacy is displayed for all to see. Layers of reflection and transparency interweave multiple aspects of individuality so allowing for a constantly moving range of interpretation.

As a house, I provide a portrait of myself living in a digital world, aware that I share aspects of myself both actually and virtually. Each object presents an aspect of me but based on my digital, virtual presence this collection could be created remotely by data mining. The images are transparent because they not only inter-relate with each other but they also interfere with one another. For me, this is a challenge to the reductionist approach that is inherent in the analysis undertaken by data systems. We are more complex than that.

If We Were Houses at 5th Base Gallery, London from 5th to 8th July 2018.


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