If We Were Houses

Interior and Exterior Existence

Recognising basic similarities between us as people with an interior and an exterior, there is a clear physical boundary between us and the external world – our skin. Houses also have an inside and an outside, an up and down. We often refer to the external walls as the skin of house.

I started to explore the metaphors associated with a house, a place in which we feel safe. The simplest structure is four walls and a roof with a controlled access point – a door. A house offers protection from the elements and from others who do not form part of our intimate social group.

However, we belong to part of a social group that behave and respond in similar ways – there are accepted patterns of behaviour. To what degree does the boundary between an individual and the surrounding community maintain the private self?

Doors on houses represent inward and outward communication that is controlled by the occupant of the house. Doors come in many forms, solid oak to curtains are all access control. Security comes from social convention rather than real, physical, security.

Interior and exterior 2 Doors in Glass Walls



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