Crows: Animation

Animation: Source Images and Initial Animations

The thing I like about crows as a visual source is their varying shapes when in flight. The quality of repetition is fascinating; each time it is the same crow, despite often huge changes in the shapes made.







The first crows I drew were part of a group of crows that spend time moving around Galley Hill, Bexhill, between the cliff top and the beach.  This area provides the opportunity to watch, draw and photograph the crows from above as they fly from the cliff down to the beach and from below as they return to the cliff top from the beach.

Three initial animations








I returned to the site with my Canon DSLR camera and a 55-200mm lens; this allowed me to shoot multiple sets of the crows in flight.

I selected one set of images of a single crow in flight and imported them into Photoshop.  I cropped and adjusted the placement of the images from which I made a still photo animation after the style of a zoetrope. The selection of the set is a compromise between shape in flight and their potential to represent the movement.

I then took the images one at a time into Autodesk Sketchbook on my android tablet.  From this I created an initial set of line drawings and then, using the `brush’ tool, created a set of tonal images.

Each piece is both an individual work in its own right, as well as an animation frame.

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