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My on-line studios, just like my physical studio, contain sketches, images, working methods and notes relating to projects I am currently working upon. In each studio, I am exploring an idea, and share with you the processes I use. The intention is not to explain my work but to invite you to join the exploration.

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I hope you enjoy exploring my studios.

Studio: Intervention

Studios Intervention Groyne 69I have photographed the post tops of the groyne fields of Bexhill beach since 2002. The groyne sets of posts and planking are an intervention in a dynamic system. Standing in the flow of sea and shingle they change the way both move as eddies build against them, flow over them and batter them relentlessly. Each post top is uniquely identifiable and like portraits are not only beautiful but provide clues as to the health of the system.

Gallery: Post Top Portraits

Studio: If We Were Houses

Studios If We Were HousesCan we visualise ourselves as built dwellings or structures? What kind would you be?
This is a different kind of self-portraiture; something different from the age-old image of the person. This exhibition (5th – 8th July @5thBaseGallery, London) is an exploration. The intention is to see into the different kinds of baggage, cultural and personal, which we bring together when we make a new acquaintance. The works will make a ‘neighbourhood’ where every ‘self-portrait as a house’ – or other space – is as important as any other. 

Studio: Faceless Portraits

Studios Faceless PortraitsThe photographic images wrapped around the digital 3D model of a face present aspects of personality missing from a traditional portrait, but it can also camouflage and influence your perception of that traditional image. It is a self-portrait but the resulting images reveal something of the person but it disrupts rather than excludes the face. I examine a sense of self.


Studio: Lost in Execution

Studios Lost in Execution

Lost in Execution is about the importance of process in any creative undertaking. A plan is just one element of a process: a movement from an idea sketched on paper to that which is physical. However, the item produced from the plan is never final or finished. It changes over time as it is extended, altered or ultimately abandoned.

Gallery: Nexilis


Exhibition: Waveworn – Fifteen Years in the Intertidal Zone3rd to 23rd March 2018 at Martyrs’ Gallery, Lewes

Groyne 60 Photographed 2002_6_11_12_13_14_15_16_17Waveworn documents weathering and erosion on the Sussex coast through the medium of film and still photography, catalogued by location and date to create a complete and beautiful archive of change over the decades. The exhibition explores pressing issues of environmental instability, but also timeless human themes of change, instability and desire for (the illusion of) control.


Exhibition: Obliterated Crow,  17th to 29th May 2016 at Murmurations Gallery, Bexhill, East Sussex

14 A_Sense_of_PlayingObliterated Crow used physical and digital media in isolation, in combination and iteratively, to produce sets and series of images to explore real and perceptual change. I believe that a piece of work hides as much as it reveals and that obliteration is inherent to the act of recording. Obliterated Crow reveals a series of visual conversations between a crow and the variety of media I used to record its flight.

Studio Blog: Crow_01

Digital 3D animation and videos from my studios:






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