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Original artwork and limited edition prints are for sale. All prints are produced using archival pigment ink and high-quality archival paper to ensure high quality, professional, reproduction. Each print is printed, checked and signed by the artist. 

Groyne66_2015 In Shingle WavesWaveworn – Fifteen Years in the Intertidal Zone

Waveworn, documents weathering and erosion on the Sussex coast through the medium of film and stills photography, catalogued by location and date to create a complete and beautiful archive of change over the decades. Waveworn was exhibited at Martyrs’ Gallery exploring pressing issues of environmental instability, but also timeless human themes of change and the desire for the illusion of control.

Prints are available to purchase online from SaatchiArt 




Groyne 69 - Photographed 2011Intervention: Post Top Portrait

On Bexhill beach, the groyne sets of posts and planking are an intervention in a dynamic system. Standing in the flow of sea and shingle they change the way both move as eddies build against them, flow over them and batter them relentlessly. Each post top is a uniquely identifiable element in this system. The post tops, like portraits of a person repeated throughout their life, are not only beautiful but provide clues as to the condition of the system.



Nexilis Weave One and Nexilis Weave Two


The cyclical exploration of the balance between pattern and chaos by the weaving of watercolour and digital media.

I explore an idea not only by moving to its centre but more often by creating a series of tangents around that idea. The tangents of exploration interweave creating warp and weft opportunities for the future.

First exhibited at Murmurations Gallery, Bexhill.





Lost In Execution: Tracks

This collection is from an explorative series shown in the Lost in Execution studio.

I interact with and revolve around tracks both physical and metaphorical; indenting, removing and depositing material, I review the past and consider the future.




ObliteratedA Sense of Playing Crow

Using physical and digital media in isolation, combination and iteratively to explore real and perceptual change. I represent perceptual change by exploiting different tools; applying physical and digital media creates many perspectives but simultaneously hints at a singularity. This exhibition presents a series of visual conversations between a crow, the air and the media I used.

You can take a virtual tour of the exhibition on YouTube
This is narrated by myself and includes Haiku, written to support each piece, that is included on the reverse of each print.

First exhibited at Murmurations Gallery, May 2016




Wind-blown trees quicken our hearts with their whispers of storms.

Soft walking summer
The wind tree whispers
Pushed by the prevailing wind





  Quality of LineTwo Ladies on a Bench

Exploring the line quality produced by combining digital photography, etching and digital manipulation techniques, and then extracting and interweaving elements from each process, to create a visual narrative. Seeking line qualities that resonate with the subject; looking for a balance in which neither the mark nor the subject dominates.




A Selection of Limited Edition Prints for Sale


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